Water Conservation


The Chincoteague Bay Trails End Association Board of Directors adopted the following motion on May 18¸2013, which is effective immediately.

Motion Made and Unanimously Agreed to:
1. Watering of roads by property owners is prohibited.
2. Watering of gardens is restricted to hand watering only using a watering can or a directed hose with an automatic shutoff nozzle. Gardeners are strongly encouraged to capture and use rain water. Modern water catchment systems are designed to prevent mosquito problems.
3. Automatic sprinklers will not to be used for lawns. Sprinklers that are hand-controlled (turned on and off by hand) can be used for no more than 1 hour twice a week between the hours of 9 PM and 6 AM during dry spells.

Citations will be issued by Security for infractions of this motion and will carry the maximum allowable assessment.

Why Was This Motion Passed?
The Trail’s End Utility Company has received a copy of the draft permit for water withdrawal and it appears Trails End will receive the maximum annual withdrawal that had been requested (25,200,000 gallons). Unfortunately, the Utility will be placed under a ten-year withdrawal limitation of 178,700,000 gallons. This equates to an annual usage of only 17,870,000 gallons. While we may temporarily withdraw up to 25,200,000 gallons in any one year, the overage would have to be taken from subsequent years’ water usage so that by the end of the ten-year period the Utility would not exceed the 178,700,000 gallon cap.

Trail’s End Utility Company water withdrawal over the past two years has been significantly over the 17,870,000 gallon prorated annual limit:
2012- 22,167,200 gallons
2011- 19,802,500 gallons

The 2012 usage represents a 12% increase in just one year!

It is imperative that steps to conserve water be taken by the Association and all property owners immediately. In conjunction with the above motion, the Long Range Planning and Environmental Committees have been tasked with developing an overall Water Conservation Plan for the community. The Association has already undertaken an aggressive maintenance plan to reduce water usage by the Association. Your help will enable us all to avoid the heavy fines the Commonwealth of Virginia will assess us if we don’t comply with our permit.


Failure to comply with the law is a civil penalty up to $25,000 per day of each violation. Additional penalties of not more than $10,000 may be assessed. The Court has the inherent authority to enforce its injunction, and is authorized to award the Commonwealth of Virginia its attorneys’ fees and costs for enforcement. All costs will be passed on to Trails End owners.

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